Kidnapped – 14 Days Survival

Kidnapped – 14 Days Survival

In the 1970s, Jochem Erlemann is the most charming filou in the German business world. He has the talent to make a fortune out of nothing, and although business stinks for miles against the wind, the public prosecutor's office doesn't manage to piss on his leg. No, he even invites his pursuers to the wild parties he throws with his wife Gaby. It is a glamorous world that is found here: Financial jugglers, politicians, celebrities, white-collar criminals, shady characters and, finally, criminals of the worst kind, who harbor a very different plan.

After months of planning, they strike on March 6, 1981. They kidnap the 11-year-old son Johannes, snatch him from his bicycle on the way home and lock him in a narrow box in a forest hideout. For the boy begins a two-week ordeal underground. The kidnappers demand a ransom of 3 million marks if Jochem and Gaby want to see their child alive again. Meanwhile, Johannes takes refuge in daydreams and memories of his beloved father, whom he fervently hopes will come to his rescue.

What the kidnappers didn't know: Jochem himself is now in prison, because his house of cards has collapsed. His wife Gaby is told that all their assets have been frozen and their belongings seized. The police suspect Jochem Erlemann himself to be behind the kidnapping in order to free himself. They observe his wife Gaby.

Gaby, in turn, wakes up from her slumber and has to emancipate herself from the unaccustomed passive position next to her husband and finally takes responsibility. Wildly determined, she raises the horrendous ransom money, taking on the police and the kidnappers in the process.

Meanwhile, Johannes is gradually regaining his dignity. He loses his fear, rips off the kidnappers at poker, and finally remembers that even locked in the tightest box, you should never give up dancing. But when the boy is finally freed after a spectacular ransom handover, nothing is the way it was before and Johannes has to learn that the truth has almost as many different faces as his father.


Status: Released
Genre: Drama
Format: Feature Film
Production: Construction Film
Broadcaster: RTL+


Producer: Veronica Ferres
Executive Producer: Ralf Berchtold, Johannes Erlemann, Konstantin Mayer
Associate Producer: Laura Roll
Commissioning Editor: Brigitte Kohnert
Line Producer: Fabian Post
Writer: Beatrice Huber
Director: Marc Rothemund
DOP: Ahmet Tan


Cecilio Andresen
Sonja Gerhardt
Torben Liebrecht
Klaus Steinbacher
Jonas Nay
Moritz Heidelbach
Ronald Kukulies

Construction Filmproduction GmbH - Kidnapped – 14 Days Survival