Under German Beds

In the style of Justyna Polanska's bestseller UNDER GERMAN BEDS, a Polish cleaning lady and a German pop diva experience an extraordinary trip through society. During this trip, the contrasting women get something priceless: genuine friendship. Cheeky, fresh and cute!


Status: Released
Genre: Comedy
Format: Feature Film
Production: Construction Film


Producer: Veronica Ferres, Nina Maag
Creative Producer: Amara Palacios
Writer: Lucy Astner
Director: Jan Fehse
DOP: Philipp Kirsamer


Veronica Ferres
Heiner Lauterbach
Magdalena Boczarska
Eray Eğilmez
Simon Schwarz
Thelma Buabeng
Lore Richter
Milan Peschel
Götz Otto
Monika Gruber
Anna Julia Kapfelsperger