A Lifetime Erlemann - true crime docu-series

A Lifetime Erlemann - true crime docu-series

The four-part documentary series is not a classic true crime format. The case has been solved, the sentence served and statute-barred, the main protagonist was the victim - that he survived is clear from the beginning. So the series tells an inner journey that begins before the abduction and leads up to today.

While in the feature film the focus is on a short fictionalised excerpt from the Erlemanns' life story, with the docu-series we go further: we guide our storylines closely to Johannes' experience, his traumas and survival strategies. In addition, we gain valuable insights into the real work of police, so we can reflect on and classify the police work of the time, look into a kaleidoscope of the world of 1980s West Germany and go along with Johannes' life story.


Status: Released
Genre: True Crime
Format: Docuseries
Production: Construction Film, eitelsonnenschein
Broadcaster: RTL+


Producer: Veronica Ferres, Lutz Heineking jr.
Showrunner: Veronica Ferres, Lutz Heineking jr.
Executive Producer: Konstantin Mayer, Marco Gilles
Associate Producer: Ralf Berchtold, Corinna C. Poetter
Writer: Jutta Doberstein
Director: Jutta Doberstein, Lutz Heineking Jr.
Line Producer: Fabian Post, Danny Fischer
Production Manager: Christopher Albrodt


Johannes Erlemann
Gabriele von Langen (former Erlemann)
Günther Gören
Margarethe Flammersfeld
Helmut Simon
Gabriele Eickhoff
Peter Schnieders
Eduard Schreyer
Manfred Hamann
Ben Zuidema
Werner Schlagehan
Peter Zingler
Alexander di Faria Castro
Dr. Georg Pieper