Back on Ice

Maren and her twenty-year-old daughter are like good friends. Since the break-up of her marriage, Maren has only her work as a policewoman and her beloved daughter. The break is all the deeper when Amelie announces that she is moving to Munich to live with her new boyfriend Erik.
Despite all her understanding, Maren finds the process of detachment more difficult than she thought...


Status: Released
Genre: Dramatic Comedy
Format: TV Movie
Production: Construction Film
Broadcast: ARD Degeto


Producer: Veronica Ferres, Sabina Arnold
Associate Producer: Nathalie Bouteiller-Marin
Comimissioning Editor: Katja Kirchen
Writer: Kathi Liers
Director: Hanno Olderdissen
DOP: Carol Burandt von Kameke
Editor: Ole Heller, Patricia Testor


Inka Friedrich
Stephan Zinner
Anouk Elias
Franziska Schlattner
Kai Lentrodt