Unzertrennlich nach Verona

Unzertrennlich nach Verona

After twenty years, not much more is left of the marriage between Ulla and Jan than memories of better times. She, an attractive criminal judge who is used to making hard decisions with a light hand. Him, a clever cop who works as an undercover investigator and is not easily rattled. Their daughter Julia, at the age of 16, a little naive and romantic, already searching for the only true and endless love, involuntarily sends her parents on a very adventurous journey, both emotionally and otherwise, from Munich via the Brenner Pass to Italy.


Genre: Comedy / TV

Production: Construction Film

Broadcaster: ARD Degeto


Producer: Veronica Ferres, Mark Popp

Editor ARD/Degeto: Carolin Haasis

Associate Producer: Ralf Berchtold

Script: Uli Brée

Director: Andreas Herzog

DoP: Marcus Kanter

Editor: Gerald Slovak

Music: Egon Riedel


Veronica Ferres
Heiner Lauterbach
Paulina Rümmelein
Olivia Müller-Elmau
Lukas Schmidt
Nick Romeo Reimann
George Lenz
Viola Müller
Leonardo Nigro
Veronika von Quast