The Invisibles

Following a terrorist attack in Munich, students Hannah (20), Jonas (22) and Nisrin (21) are recruited by David (26), an agent of the Verfassungsschutz (Office for the Protection of the Constitution), to help dig up an Islamist terrorist cell at their university. The search for the assassins, who have the life of their friend Mark on their conscience, gives the young students the feeling of filling their lives with meaning, despite the dangers they face. Until Hannah uncovers a terrible truth...

Based on true events.


Status: Development

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Format: Series

Production: Construction Film


Producer: Veronica Ferres

Associate Producer: Nathalie Bouteiller-Marin

Writer: Catharina Junk, Silja Clemens, Stephan Rick

Director: Stephan Rick

Director of photography: Felix Cramer