Construction Filmproduktion GmbH was founded by Veronica Ferres (Managing Director) in Munich, Germany in 2012 to produce high-quality and hit-oriented TV, cinema and theatrical content on National and International level.

In March 2017 producer Mark Popp (UNFRIEND, HONIG IM KOPF, SNOWDEN) became an affiliate to Construction Film, with main focus on International productions.

In 2013, the following International theatrical productions include HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS starring Simon Pegg, Stellan Skarsgard, Rosamund Pike, and Veronica Ferres, and PAGANINI – THE DEVILS VIOLINIST starring David Garrett in the lead, both co-productions.

In the year 2015 Construction Film produced Werner Herzog’s new feature film SALT AND FIRE with Veronica Ferres, Michael Shannon and Gael Garcia Bernal as main cast. SALT AND FIRE was shot in Bolivia and Munich was released internationally at the Shanghai Film Festival and will be released globally end of 2016.

Furthermore, the German drama SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS which was written and directed by Andreas Arnstedt, shot entirely in Berlin, Germany was completed and celebrated its world-premiere at Zurich Film Festival in 2016.

Most recently, Construction Film produced the feature-film comedy UNTER DEUTSCHEN BETTEN with Fox International Production as co-producer, released in September 2017, and the TV movie DAS ERSTE UND DAS LETZTE MAL (WT) together with ARD Degeto, which will be broadcast in 2018.

Further German and International feature film and TV series projects are in preparation and development.